Yaa Dawng Lao ~ Scorpion Whiskey

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Yaa Dawng Rice Whiskey

Something for the morning after quite literally the hair of the scorpion….
A strange crazy concoction that the locals call Yaa Dawng Lao (ยาดองเหล้า).
(TheYaa meaning medicine and the Dawng meaning pickled.)

Scorpion Rice Whiskey

Home-brewed the high grade rice whiskey known as lao khao (เหล้าขาว) is mixed with lemon grass, ginseng roots and a Asian Forest Scorpion (aka Heterometrus Spinifer Scorpion) which are left to ferment for 2–4 weeks.

Scorpion Rice Whiskey

A Venomous cocktail, legend has it that when you drink the whiskey, you take on the spirit and characteristics of the dead pickled critter. Often thought of as a powerful aphrodisiac for people wanting to regain strength, Yaa Dawng Lao is also sold locally as a herbal remedy to help treat pain.

Many exotic mixes of the medicinal Yaa Dawng moonshine exist with King Cobras Snakes, Scorpions, Tarantulas, Centerpeads and Geckoes adding flavour to the neurotoxic Lao Khao.

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  • jennifer said,

    hi! how do we order if i want to order a bottle of scoripion wiskey/?

  • admin said,

    Hi Jennifer,
    You can order from http://thailandunique.com/

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