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The Middle Path Amidst Globalization
The global economic downturn causes impacts on every level of society. The bail out measures may relieve the pain, but are far from solving the root problem. While economists see greed as a driving force for the economy, Buddhist teachings see the economic development, not as the goal, but as a means to genuine benefits and happiness of humans and the world. The solution to the economic problems, therefore, should originate from inside, and should start now.

Excerpted from the eBook
“Consumers remain prey as long as the lack of proper knowledge of consumption keeps them from intellectually competing with businesses.”

“Any developing country that fails to develop proper knowledge of consumption among the population keeps them as slaves of their own consumeristic value.”

“Sufficiency and consumption with wisdom are essential to Buddhist Economics and must be nurtured by education and discipline.”

“Human greed is boundless and people always seek the means to fulfill taṇhā or unskillful desire, without good morality or effective social systems, corruption is a quicker way to satisfy taṇhā.”

“No country can claim to be absolutely corruption-free, and only crude or cunning methods differentiate the amount of exposure.”

“When greed, ambition and selfishness dominate people’s minds, the disregard of rules, transgressions and conflicts follow and, to compound the suffering, they also use their social, economic and political powers, as well as unfair rules and laws, to their advantage.”

“Buddhism values human development and teaches sufficient consumption of material as necessities to sustain life in a quest for higher levels of development.”

Bhikkhu P.A.Payutto
Understanding the Dhamma’s sublime qualities and applying the age-old virtues to modern day’s problem require exceptional skills. Bikkhu P.A. Payutto is such a scholar. A Buddhist monk of Theravada tradition in Thailand, the venerable is a recipient of UNESCO’s Prize for Peace Education in 1994. His extensive teachings and writings apply essential wisdom of the Dhamma to present day’s problems such as world peace, politics, economics, business, education, workplace, society, health, family, love, and self-improvement.

Buddhist Economics

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