Buddhism and the Business World

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The Buddhist Way to Deal with Business
The business world sees everyone as potential customers and uses advertisement to influence consumption behavior. In consumeristic society, human desires are transformed into human needs, and endless consumption causes harm to the genuine well-being of life, society, and environment. Buddhist teaching is not limited to the monastic life, but also applicable to all activities in life, including how to deal with business.

Excerpted from the eBook
“Businesses have used advertisement to turn many unnecessary things into necessities. They have transformed human desires into human needs; this is why we have to develop people.”

“People in business should also know what real success is. Success in business or economics is not merely about satisfying the desires of people but to bring about the well-being of mankind.”

Bhikkhu P.A.Payutto
Understanding the Dhamma’s sublime qualities and applying the age-old virtues to modern day’s problem require exceptional skills. Bikkhu P.A. Payutto is such a scholar. A Buddhist monk of Theravada tradition in Thailand, the venerable is a recipient of UNESCO’s Prize for Peace Education in 1994. His extensive teachings and writings apply essential wisdom of the Dhamma to present day’s problems such as world peace, politics, economics, business, education, workplace, society, health, family, love, and self-improvement.

Buddhism and the Business World

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